In this giftbox:

  • Koele Gel: An ice bath in a tube
  • Vurig Warm: Extra warm-up for your training
  • Kramp Krachtig: Magnesium absorption through the largest organ: the skin
  • Your favorite repairers in a gift box
  • The gift for every athlete!
  • Get a grip on your victory!


Koele Gel:
It's an ice bath in a tube; it extinguishes burning muscles and throws your recovery into the highest gear. The cooling effect of peppermint oil and the scent of eucalyptus stimulate your senses and provide cooling and recovery of your muscles after a heavy workout. Koele Gel combines the cooling effect of peppermint and eucalyptus with the regenerative properties of MSM.


Vurig Warm:
Vurig Warm puts your muscles on fire!

A warm combination of Oriental spices provides an extraordinary skin sensation. It not only warms and takes care of your muscles, but the unique combination with clove also causes a slight anesthetic effect. Vurig Warm is the ideal cream to use before your workout to activate your body quickly.


Kramp Krachtig:
Cramp? Aching muscles? You’d rather skip that… Kramp Krachtig is a cream with a combination of magnesium and MSM. Both essential parts for your recovery and to prevent cramp. 

100ml per tube


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