In this giftbox:

  • Magnesium Grip Gel: Liquid Magnesium that provides long-lasting grip!
  • Wonden Wonder: Fast recovery of your blisters and scrapes
  • Koele Gel: An ice bath in a tube
  • The gift for every athlete!
  • Get a grip on your victory!


Magnesium Grip Gel:
Grip is what you want. Grip on your performances, grip on your workout tools and eventually, grip on your victories!

During your workout, you want grip that you can rely on. Magnesium Grip Gel offers you that grip. Magnesium Grip Gel sustainably stays in place during your workout, so you don’t have to chalk between every exercise. Magnesium Grip Gel gives off minimally, which means no messy outfit or tools anymore. After all, we would all rather be working out than cleaning, right?!


Wonden Wonder:
Recovery takes time, but sometimes you don’t have that time. That’s why Wonden Wonder provides you with the fastest recovery. The natural effects of rosin and wool grease not only sooth the skin but also let your skin recover more quickly. The high concentration of wool grease in combination with anti-inflammatory and healing oils ensure that you will be amazed by the healing power of your skin.


Koele Gel:
t’s an ice bath in a tube; it extinguishes burning muscles and throws your recovery into the highest gear. The cooling effect of peppermint oil and the scent of eucalyptus stimulate your senses and provide cooling and recovery of your muscles after a heavy workout. Koele Gel combines the cooling effect of peppermint and eucalyptus with the regenerative properties of MSM.


Magnesium Grip Gel: 100ml per tube
Wonden Wonder: 75ml per tube
Koele Gel: 100ml per tube

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