In collaboration with Live Slow Ride Fast (LSRF) we have put together The Soigneur. This is a gift box that is a must have for every cyclist in order to be as fit as possible at the start of a race or training and to recover as quickly as possible.

  • Fast recovery after a race or training
  • Fast recovery after a crash
  • The gift for every cyclist
  • Get a grip on your victory!


Whether you cycle an easy lap every week, take a KOM every ride or eat a lot of kilometers with your bike sizes ... The fact is that every cyclist needs care. You make sure that your bike is neat and tidy, but you also thought about taking care of your muscles and skin?

Laurens ten Dam already mentioned in his Live Slow Ride Fast (LSRF) podcast why he no longer leaves home without Wonden Wonder. A too sharp turn is easily taken and a crash in the peloton is unfortunately no exception. "It's not about how hard you fall, it's about how quickly you recover," is the motto at Kwakzalver. Because ultimately you want to be fit on your bike again as soon as possible. Wonden Wonder helps you in a rapidly restore your damaged skin.

Fortunately, crashes are generally not an everyday business. But taking care of your muscles is something that should be part of your daily cycling routine. After your ride, Kramp Krachtig is your muscle repairer. Kramp Krachtig does what the name suggests, this gel will fight your cramps. The high dose of magnesium and MSM makes cramps a thing of the past.

In addition, a sensitive or irritated buttocks is the last thing you want when you get on your bike. Many cyclists suffer from this problem, Bal-sem is the Kwakzalver product that lets you sit on the bike without any worrees.

Bal-sem is a saddle cream that has been specially developed for the seating area. It takes care of your skin and prevents friction between skin and cycling shorts.

With this giftbox the receiver gets a grip on his/ her bike ride!


Wonden Wonder: 75ml per tube
Kramp Krachtig: 100ml per tube
Bal-sem: 100ml per pump

Kwakzalver Giftbox 'De soigneur'

48,00 €Prijs